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Selected Titles

"Nihon ha 'Hochi Kokka' ka? Amai Ho Unyo, Shakai Kiki Maneki" (Is Japan a Country with the Rule of Law? Lenient Law Enforcement Invites Social Crisis). Nishinippon Shimbun, May 14, 2003.  PDF

"Lost Innocence: Japan's new crime and punishment paradigm." The World & I, Nov.-Dec. 2004 (6,000 words). 

"Rethinking Japan: College students speak their minds." The World & I, Aug. 2003 (7,000 words).  PDF

"Embracing Cyberspace: The evolution of Japan's internet culture." The World & I, June 2002 (10,000 words, PDF); with teacher's guide (PDF).

"Coming Home: 10 locals reveal internment experiences." Sacramento News & Review, Aug. 24, 1995 (cover story). 

"Freeing Camp Santo Tomas" (WWII liberation of Manila). American Legion Magazine, March 1995.  

"Baseball Goes to War" (WWII exhibit at MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown). Maturity News Service (AARP wire service), Feb. 1995.

"Vietnam Waiting: The embargo has been lifted, but will the Americans come?" Los Angeles Reader, April 15, 1994 (travel article).

Asahi Evening News: 1992-1994 feature articles about Japan's nuclear fuel cycle, Nebuta festival, Aomori apple industry, California rice industry, grassroots internationalization, etc.

 *The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus articles also here

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10)  From Perry to the Present: A Survey Course Exploring “Japan and America.” Bulletin of Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University, No. 14 (2004), 23-48.  PDF

9)  The Changing Nature of Crime and Punishment in Japan. Bulletin of the Humanities Research Center of Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University, No. 6 (2003), 61-119.  PDF

8)  Content Analysis of Speeches at University English Speech Contests. Bulletin of Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University, No. 13 (2003), 1-28.  PDF

7)  Exploring American Culture: Educational Resources and One Classroom Approach. Bulletin of Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University, No. 12 (2002), 17-34.  PDF

6)  Embracing Cyberspace: The Evolution of Japan's Internet Culture. Journal of the Intelligence Engineering Research Center of Kurume Institute of Technology, No. 13 (2001), 109-130.

5)  In the News: Using Streaming Audio Internet Broadcasting to Improve Listening Skills and Critical Awareness. Journal of Kurume Institute of Technology, No. 24 (2000), 41-50.  PDF

4)  Katakana Eigo-Real English Word List: A Loanword Approach to Vocabulary Building. Journal of Kurume Institute of Technology, No. 23 (1999), 91-108.  PDF

3)  A Look at the History and Future of SeniorNet, the U.S.-based Internet Community for Senior Citizens. Journal of the Intelligence Engineering Research Center of Kurume Institute of Technology, No. 11 (1999), 55-69.

2)  English Vocabulary Development Using Everyday Katakana Eigo Loanwords. Journal of Kurume Institute of Technology, No. 22 (1998), 133-146.  PDF

1)  Nikkei Amerikajin no Shazai to Baisho Seikyu Undo: Sakuramento no Shiten yori (The Japanese American Redress Movement—A Sacramento Perspective). Journal of Kurume Institute of Technology, No. 22 (1998), 123-131.  PDF​​

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18)  Japan’s new history rising
San Francisco Examiner, Dec. 29, 2015.  PDF

17)  History in a Box: UNESCO and the Framing of Japan’s Meiji Era
The Asia-Pacific Journal, June 29, 2015.  PDF

Story of Japan’s industrial rise deserves to be told, forced labor and all
The Japan Times, June 24, 2015.  PDF

Unesco and the story of Japan's Meiji Era
Straits Times, June 29, 2015.  PDF

16)  Redress Crossroads in Japan: Decisive Phase in Campaigns to Compensate Korean and Chinese Wartime Forced Laborers
The Asia-Pacific Journal, July 26, 2010.  PDF  (History News NetworkZNet)

Wartime labor redress efforts at key juncture: campaigns to compensate South Korean, Chinese victims see progress

The Japan Times, Aug. 24, 2010.  PDF

Painstaking Bid to Reach Resolution
Straits Times, Aug. 26, 2010

15)  Assessing the Nishimatsu Corporate Approach to Redressing Chinese Forced Labor in Wartime Japan (with Kang Jian and Arimitsu Ken)
The Asia-Pacific Journal, Nov. 23, 2009.  PDF  (History News Network)

14)  Aso Mining’s Indelible Past: Verifying Japan’s Use of Allied POWs Through Historical Records (translation of article by Fukubayashi Toru in SEKAI, June 2009)
The Asia-Pacific Journal, Aug. 17, 2009.  PDF

13)  WWII labor redress efforts gain traction
The Japan Times, July 14, 2009.  PDF

12)  Aso Mining's Indelible Past: Prime Minister Aso Should Seek Reconciliation with Former POWs (translation of article by Fujita Yukihisa in SEKAI, May 2009)
The Asia-Pacific Journal, April 19, 2009.  PDF

11)  Corporate Japan's War Stories (with Mindy Kotler)
Far Eastern Economic Review, Nov. 26, 2008.  PDF, Japanese

10)  WWII forced labor issue dogs Aso, Japanese firms
The Japan Times, Oct. 28, 2008.  PDF

(reprinted in South China Morning Post)

9)  New Era for Japan-Korea History Issues: Forced Labor Redress Efforts Begin to Bear Fruit
The Asia-Pacific Journal, March 8, 2008.  PDF

Remains issue clouds Tokyo-Seoul ties
The Japan Times, March 4, 2008.  PDF  (OhmyNews)

8)  The Aso Mining Company in World War II: History and Japan's Would-Be Premier
The Asia-Pacific Journal, Oct. 6, 2007.  PDF

The war according to Aso Co.
The Japan Times, June 26, 2007.  PDF, Japanese

(reprinted in Straits Times)

7)  Proof of POW Forced Labor for Japan's Foreign Minister: The Aso Mines
The Asia-Pacific Journal, May, 28, 2007.  PDF  (ZNet)

Aso Mining's POW labor: the evidence
The Japan Times, May 29, 2007.  PDF, Japanese

6)  Names, Bones and Unpaid Wages: Reparations for Korean Forced Labor in Japan
The Asia-Pacific Journal, Sept. 10 and Sept. 17, 2006.  PDFJapanese

5)  NHK's Finest Hour: Japan's Official Record of Chinese Forced Labor
The Asia-Pacific Journal, June 20, 2006.  PDF  (History News NetworkZNetOhmyNews)

4)  Chinese Forced-Labor Victims Press Japan to Embrace Emerging International Standards of Accountability
YaleGlobal Online, May 2, 2006.  PDF

(reprinted in South China Morning Post and Straits Times)

3)  Mitsubishi, Historical Revisionism and Japanese Corporate Resistance to Chinese Forced Labor Redress
The Asia-Pacific Journal, Feb. 8, 2006.  PDFJapanese

Updated 2007 version at APJ  (History News NetworkZNet)

2)  War Responsibility in a Japanese College Classroom
The Asia-Pacific Journal, Sept. 1, 2005.  PDF

(reprinted by Pacific News Service)

1)  Chinese Forced Labor, the Japanese Government and the Prospects for Redress

The Asia-Pacific Journal, July 8, 2005.  PDF

Reprinted in Caroline Rose, ed., Sino-Japanese Relations: History, Politics, Economy, Security (Routledge, 2011).