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I refereed, edited and wrote introductions for manuscripts submitted to 

19)  Island of Horror: Gunkanjima and Japan’s Quest for UNESCO World Heritage Status
By Mark Siemons. June 29, 2015.  PDF

18)  Toward Reconciliation: The Nishimatsu Settlements for Chinese Forced Labor in World War Two
By Ivy Lee. Aug. 9, 2010.  PDF

17)  Rejected by All Plaintiffs: Failure of the Nishimatsu-Shinanogawa "Settlement" with Chinese Forced Laborers in Wartime Japan
By Kang Jian. Aug. 9, 2010.  PDF

16)  Recent Developments in Korean-Japanese Historical Reconciliation
By The Hankyoreh. April 26, 2010.  PDF

15)  Remembering and Redressing the Forced Mobilization of Korean Laborers by Imperial Japan
By Kim Hyo Soon and Kil Yun Hyung. Feb. 15, 2010.  PDF

14)  Japan Should Follow the International Trend and Face Its History of World War II Forced Labor
By Michael Bazyler. Jan. 29, 2009.  PDF  (ZNet)

13)  Aso Revelations on Wartime POW Labor Highlight the Need for a Real National Archive in Japan
By Lawrence Repeta. Jan. 25, 2009.  PDFJapanese

12)  Myth and Fact in Northeast Asia's History Textbook Controversies
By Mikyoung Kim. Aug. 15, 2008.  PDF

11)  Korean Hibakusha, Japan's Supreme Court and the International Community
By David Palmer. Feb. 20, 2008.  PDF  (ZNet)

10)  Hundreds of Ethnic Koreans from Sakhalin to Return Home
By Korean Overseas Information Service. Sept. 7, 2007.  PDF

9)  Japan's Top Court Poised to Kill Lawsuits by Chinese War Victims
By Kang Jian. March 2, 2007.  PDF  (OhmyNews)

8)  Yasukuni Shrine Imposes Silence on Bereaved Families
By Utusmi Aiko (translation by Richard Minear). Sept. 7, 2006.  PDF

7)  New facts about US Payoffs to Japan's Biological Warfare Unit 731
By Tsuneishi Kei-ichi (translation by James Orr). Aug. 31, 2006.  PDF

6)  Japan Foreign Minister's Visit to POW Remembrance Service Backfires
By Matsubara Hiroshi. Aug. 2, 2006.  PDF

5)  The United States and the Japanese Mengele: Payoffs and amnesty for Unit 731 scientists
By Christopher Reed. Aug. 1, 2006.  PDF  (HNN, ZNet)

4)  Family Skeletons: Japan's foreign minister and forced labor by Koreans and Allied POWs
By Christopher Reed. April 29, 2006.  PDFJapanese  (ZNet)

3)  U.S. Congressional Resolution Calls on Japan to Accept Responsibility for Wartime Comfort Women
By Alexis Dudden. April 22, 2006.  PDF  (HNN, ZNet

2)  Minamata Disease at Fifty
By Asahi Shimbun. March 20, 2006.  PDF

1)  Korean Forced Laborers: Redress movement presses Japanese government
By Yumi Wijers-Hasegawa. Feb. 23, 2006.  PDF  (ZNet)